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Hello D~D, if you are willing to take the time to read the following true account and consider posting it in an attempt to save several ladies from current and future harm as well as for the betterment of the Tumblr BDSM community, I would be most grateful: I don’t have many tumblr followers, but I’ve been on tumblr long enough to see how many vulnerable subs and how many vulnerable aspiring models are here. Thus a recent personal tragedy compelled me to contact you because I believe my tragedy can save the lives of some of these vulnerable ladies; however, I don’t have the “influence” to get the word out. If you think it’s worthy, I hope you will help me get the word out because people listen to you. Without further ado here is what happened:

Several months ago I was brutally raped and beaten over the course of 18 hours and eventually arrived at the hospital in a coma where I remained in a comma fighting for my life for 3 days. The man who did this to me is an unsuccessful freelance Los Angeles Photographer who was pretending to be my “Dom” (my first and only Dom) for the previous six months while he slowly siphoned $20,000 from me. I remained in the hospital for two weeks during which time I had several interviews with the police who assured me that they would bring him to justice.
**This is where my case gets very important for anyone involved in BDSM*: the District Attorney’s office refused to prosecute him because we were in a “consensual BDSM relationship” and the rape was “just rough sex” according to them. Furthermore, the assistant district attorney in charge of the case did not want to risk losing the case while she was trying to make a name for herself. So, he walked….right into the waiting arms of a prominent movie executive he had secretly been seducing to set his pathetic career up for life. Needless to say, I was devastated that he wouldn’t be held accountable and wouldn’t be prevented from doing these horrific things to other women, but there was nothing I could do, so I went on with what was left of my life. Even though I knew I’d never quite be the same, I threw myself into healing and volunteering at an organization for other rape survivors. I even thought I’d give BDSM another try and joined FetLife!!!
A few months ago, I unknowingly met another struggling freelance Los Angeles Photographer on Tumblr. After learning of his profession, I was immediately cautious and considered walking away; however, he reassured me over and over that he was one of the good guys, and I continued communicating with him anonymously. Our online relationship grew from periodic emails to daily kik messenging that lasted for hours at a time. By the time we exchanged phone numbers, and we had several intimate marathon calls, I had established his identity and felt safe enough to meet him in person so we made plans. I had shared everything with him about my attack, we discussed very intimate details of our personal lives, and he was becoming a welcome part of my life. He was the first man I came to trust after my ordeal, and I told him things that no one else knows to this day.
When it came time to meet though, he postponed to the next week. The next week came, and he proposed the following week. No apologies, no excuses. At first, I thought this was rude and disrespectful and said I was giving up, but he insisted on meeting me, and I reluctantly agreed. Several days later, I proposed dinner at my treat, but again he proposed for the following weekend. The math simply didn’t add up, my mind went back to the uncanny similarities between my attacker and this man, and I couldn’t shake the idea that if nothing else, there had to be a connection: two unsuccessful, freelance Los Angeles photographers in their 40’s, both with a proclivity for young nude models and muscle cars, whose photography is eerily similar, and both have the exact same D/s preferences. LA is big, but not that big. So, I asked if he knew him, was assured there was no connection, and was told that his struggling career was the reason he kept putting me off. Feeling bad for him, I offered to introduce him to some connections of mine that could accomplish a 180 degree turn for his career, but he said it could wait a week. As a busy person myself, I had to focus on my own work and went along with his excuses until this Tuesday. Excited about our meeting this weekend, I inquired about our “plans”, and he simply responded “Unfortunately, I have plans all weekend…” I was stunned. No apology, no explanation, no respect whatsoever. This was obviously a game, a sick joke at my expense, and I was not only hurt but I was also angry.
It was time for me to call in some favors, dig deep, and bring out the big research guns. What I found was that these two men are indeed connected through a 21 year old girl, a nude “model” with a nasty pot addiction and a propensity for asking for money from her fans via a “donate” button connected to Paypal posted her main tumblr blog. Further investigation showed pictures of my rapist hanging out at her apartment around the same time my rape occurred and my money disappeared. With the help of some talented colleagues, I saw pictures, historical social media data across multiple sites, and the connection is undeniable. While my rapist never admitted his sexual connection to this young girl, the other Photographer was open about a “non-committed, sexual” D/s type of relationship with this model who is 20 years his junior and who he regularly photographs.
As a victim of the first man who got away with nearly killing me, and the victim of the twisted games of his “associates”, I knew that I couldn’t walk away silently, and let them go on to hurt other vulnerable subs and models. Needless to say, there are other women in my rapist’s past who have been severely damaged, but they’ve been too afraid to do anything. While I am not prepared to publicly post their names on the internet, I am happy to answer any questions submitted to my blog. In the meantime, this brainwashed movie producer who’s risking her career and her life by dating, loving, and promoting my sociopathic rapist’s career, has no idea what is going on.
Not only am I willing to discuss this privately with any ladies who think they too have been in touch with these people, but also I am truly hoping that the Tumblr BDSM community rallies around the prevention of further abuses at the hands of these people. We need to protect each other, not harm each other.



some songs are just attached to horrible memories and it’s a pity sometimes..

and some movies…




u know what i want to see more of

doms having to safeword

doms being stuck in domspace after a scene and needing their sub to take them out of it

doms being more affected by a scene than subs are

basically anything that doesn’t perpetuate the stereotype that subs are weaker people and subs are more affected by scenes and doms are hurrhurr i am infallible look at me doin the dom thing and taking care of my sub and never being affected by scenes to the same extent

doms needing aftercare

doms doubting themselves

doms wondering why they like the things they like and if that makes them a bad person

doms asking questions and learning things and not always hitting the exact right places with the flogger every time

the reason i am writing my fic Obedience, basically

Seriously? You’d like to see more Dom/mes unsure of themselves, having doubts, lacking confidence, second guessing their status? Is this the kind of authority figure you WANT in control of you?? You want to see this ‘failure’ in your Dom/me based on the fact ‘it will make subs look stronger’? Let me tell you something.. submissives are some of the strongest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet! It takes great strength to gives oneself to another. It is not ‘weakness’ to submit.

Stop believing everything you read/see on tumblr because I can assure you this is real and happens to EVERY Dom/me at some point. We may not always show it or admit to it but we do make mistakes and don’t always get it right every time but we learn to deal with it and strive to be the best we can be for our submissive. We are all human and non of us are perfect.

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"If you could write a note to your younger self what would u say?"

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