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For the anon with the switchy master.. I'm in a similar situation (I'm the master) and have had some of the same feelings he has. It's helped me to work on playing with these feelings as things I am requiring my sub do to me. Yes, I am getting pleasure from what she does but she is doing it because I have told her to. Kind of a compromise for both of us as we work on getting more comfortable with our feelings.

Thank you for your input, anon :)


Dear D-D, I have a Master and he is male, I'm female. He has recently said that he also likes being submissive. I believe this is called a switch? I am 100% totally okay with this, this is in no way a deal breaker and of course I would be dominant to make sure he gets pleasure as well. But he seems to think this is an awful thing and he has to be a "pure dominant" and how he is now a bad Master. how do I tell him he can still be my Master and be submissive at the same time? :(

I’m not a switch and I would recommend you talk with this great lady who will understand your dilemma much better than I.



I'm looking for my first daddy dom. Idk where to start. Do you know any that are looking for a little?

I don’t, sorry anon.

May I suggest that you do some research into the lifestyle if you haven’t already done so.

Novice young submissive new to D/s


What is the definition of a Baby a Girl


What is the definition of a Baby Girl?

Is it her age? Is it the way she dresses? Is it because she colors? Is it because she sucks on a pacifier or wears a diaper? Is it because she’s small, petite and quote unquote “the perfect size”? Is it because she’s innocent?

No, being a Baby Girl has…