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Hi daddy. I have known I am a sub for a while now. The thing is that I have a rather dominant personality out of the intimacy context - maybe the reason why I find dominants so arousing. The thing is that I can't act pet like with my casual encounters, even the ones who I have been "casually encountering" for sometime now, but do all vainilla stuff instead. Does this mean I am not trully a sub? Thanks for clearing up my doubt. I adore your blog!

Hello, anon. Thank you for the compliment and kind words :)

A lot of submissive women have a strong/dominant personality in their day to day lives or hold positions with demanding responsibilities. Giving up that power, whether in a PE or TPE relationship, is something that they crave, it’s a need within themselves.

Are your ‘casual encounters’ with Dominants or do they have dominant personalities? Are they purely vanilla?

I’m a little confused.

Submitting isn’t an act. Its a way of life for most subs. It’s part of who they are, not what they are. They submit by choice because they want and need to submit to their chosen Dom/Domme. Saying you know you are submissive but cannot submit contradicts that statement?

Maybe you need to find a Dominant that you respect and trust? Giving up the power to someone else requires a great deal of trust, respect and loyalty. Submission is a gift that should be earned and not given to just anyone that asks or demands it. It could simply be a case that you are having trouble submitting because you haven’t met the right Dom who deserves your gift or who has proven himself to you that he is worthy of it? 


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